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frequently asked questions

We offer both personal and corporate concierge services

Yes you can, we offer a range of services which aren’t listed on the website. We also offer customized services

We accept payments via: PayPal, US/UK accounts and Naira accounts

Time lines differ according to the service requested, however we prefer at least 48hrs notice. Same service is available which might require an additional fee

Cancellation terms vary, however cancellation terms are stated on all invoices

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Yes. We decline service when a request is illegal or a customer is disrespectful and abusive.

We offer front end & back end operational support (Customer service or Virtual assistants). We also provide short term/long personal assistants.

We are extremely discreet and professional. We do not share client information except authorized to do so.

We offer virtual consultation for this, upon conclusion we deliver outfits to your doorstep or whatever means of delivery you opt for

Yes we do, we have partnered with a number of vendors at great prices. So we shop for our clients and they save!

Please feel free to contact us via phone, WhatsApp, Email or any of our social media platforms